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Officers Club Followed Orders for a Winning Restaurant

In the service, you learn to follow orders. The people behind Officers Club took that rule to heart when they decided to open another restaurant in the corner of Lowry’s Hangar 2.

The secret behind Joe Vostrejs’ latest Denver restaurant concept, Officers Club

The restaurant is a throwback to the military dining establishment of the mid-20th century — with modern twists.

Officers Club Takes Diners Back in Lowry

A throwback of a restaurant on Monday begins serving dinner in the neighborhood that once housed Denver’s Air Force base. Fittingly, Officers Club is a joint project by a pair of old-school industry men: chef Sterling Robinson (see also Billy’s Inn, Ernie’s, and North County) and Joe Vostrejs of City Street Investors and Larimer Associates. Their new restaurant has taken over the former Masterpiece Kitchen space at 84 Rampart Way in Lowry’s Hangar 2 development.

Opening Alert: Officer’s Club

Lowry has been a tough market for Denver restaurateurs. To wit: Troy Guard’s Lucky Cat and Justin Brunson’s Masterpiece Kitchen both shuttered fairly quickly after opening in the neighborhood. So, when chef Sterling Robinson (North County, Billy’s Inn, and Ernie’s Bar & Pizza) and Joe Vostrejs (Larimer Associates) began creating Officer’s Club, which opened in the Hanger 2 development yesterday, they ventured down a more familiar path, taking inspiration from Lowry’s past as an air force base.

First Look: Officers Club Aims for June 18 Opening in Lowry

Officers Club is the joint project of chef/restaurateur Sterling Robinson and Joe Vostrejs of City Street Investors, who also operate North County next door. Before settling on a theme for their new venture, the team held focus groups with neighbors to find out what was missing in the Lowry dining scene. What they discovered was that residents were looking for an eatery with downtown style but without downtown prices or trendiness.

North County Team Will Open Officers Club at Lowry

Before the Lowry neighborhood became a mini-suburb within Denver, it was an Air Force base for 57 years. The American flag that flew over the base was lowered for the last time in 1994, but before that, it held all the military amenities, including an officers’ club. Thanks to a new joint venture between City Street Investors, Larimer Associates and chef/proprietor Sterling Robinson, a small piece of the neighborhood’s history will be honored with a new eatery and cocktail bar called Officers Club, which will open on Wednesday, June 13, at 84 Rampart Way.