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A Proper Cocktail

Call Me Old Fashioned

In 1806, a New York newspaper answered a reader’s question about how to make a new thing called a “cocktail”. The newspaper replied with a simple concoction and thus, the Old Fashioned was born. An American drink for American drinkers, this artfully crafted cocktail will always be in

Old School
Old Overholt Rye, Sugar Cube,
Angostura Bitters, Orange Twist, Rock

Screwball Whiskey, High West Double Rye,
Blackberry Coulis, Orange Bitters,
Burnt Orange Zest, Peanuts, Rock

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon,
Demerara Maple Simple, Cinnamon
Bitters, Cinnamon Stick & Orange, Rock

Knob Creek Rye, Leopold Bros.,
Absinthe Verte, Sugar Cube,
Peychaud’s Bitters, Lemon Twist, Rock

Kentucky New School
Bulleit Rye, Demerara Simple,
Orange Bitters, Bordeaux
Cherry, Orange Twist, Rock

Burnt & Smoked
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Burnt Sugar
Simple, Chocolate Bitters, Orange
Twist, Served in a Cherrywood
Smoked Glass, Rock

Four Roses Bourbon, Honey Simple,
Lavender Bitters, Sprig of Thyme &
Lemon Twist, Rock

Boodles Gin, Cucumber Simple,
Lavender Bitters, Tonic Ice Cube,
Lemon Zest and Cucumber Slice, Rock

Old Fashioned Shot
Old Forester Bourbon, Simple Orange Bitters,
Shaken Not Stirred
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Proper Cocktails

The Cocktail is rich in history and tradition. From its humble beginning in the early 1800s, to its reinvention after Prohibition, to its current-day renaissance; Americans have had a love affair with the Cocktail for more than 200 years. Today, the craft of making a Proper Cocktail is an honorable art-form, requiring a knowledge of both history and a vast array of ingredients, as well as creativity, skill and good taste.

Nancy Boy
Sipsmith Gin, Citrus Simple, Bubbles,
Thyme Sprig & Lemon Twist, Served in a Flute

Nose Dive
Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Ancho Reyes
Verde, Licor 43, Lime Juice, Demerara
Simple, Egg White, Lime Twist

Port Dawg
Rum Haven Coconut Rum, Myer’s Dark Rum,
Elevation 5003, Falernum, Orange, Lime,
Pineapple Juices, Served in a Tiki

Aviation Gin, Crème de Violet, Lemon
Juice, Lavender Simple, Lemon Twist, served up

Blue Yonder Martini
Magellan Gin, Lavender Simple,
Orange Bitters, Lemon Twist, Served Up

Derby Day
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Cucumber & Honey Simples, Mint,
Orange Bitters, Mint Sprig, Crushed Ice, Julep Cup

The Manhattan Project
Templeton Rye, Carpano Antica
Formula, Orange Bitters, Barrel Aged,
Bordeaux Cherry, Served Up

Flight Doc
Three Olives Vodka, House-Made Dry
Vermouth, Chareau Aloe Liqueur,
Citrus Simple, Lemon Twist, Served Up

Classically Cocktail
Pendleton 1910 Rye or Prairie
Organic Gin, Campari, Carpano
Antica Formula, Orange Twist, Rock

Rosemary Bourbon Smash
Rebel Yell Bourbon, Muddled Rosemary, Maple Simple,
Lemon Juice, Lemon Twist,
Fresh Rosemary Sprig, Crushed Ice

Tennessee Sour
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Citrus
Simple, Egg White, Orange Bitters, Angostura Bitters, Bordeaux Cherry, Served Up